Avaya is a freelance singer, songwriter, and producer living in Israel. 

Throughout her musical career, Avaya has pulled from an array of influences; her style has been described as a mixture of Adele, Birdy, and Freya Ridings. She was trained as a classical singer for ten years, and has performed in countless venues across Israel and in the U.S. Avaya released her debut album, "Paper Cranes," on June 5th, 2017 (under her former artist's name 'AVIVA'). 

Avaya realized her musical passions early, memorizing and singing Disney songs before she learned to speak. She began taking private vocal lessons when she was nine years old and trained in classical music until she graduated from high school, including 3 years of majoring in Classical Vocals and Music Theory at The Conservatory of Music of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. At twelve years old, Avaya held a solo benefit concert in Atlanta, in which she raised over a thousand dollars for The National Tay Sachs and Allied Diseases Association. 
As a part of her education, Avaya had opportunities to perform in a number of venues across Israel, including performances with the orchestra of The Conservatory of Music of Hebrew University, conducted by Michael Klinghoffer. 
After she graduated high school, Avaya sang at the “Coordinators Event” attended by Former Minister of Defense, Moshe Yaalon, along with many other dignitaries. 

Avaya now produces, writes, and records her own music at her home in Modi'in. Her newest music, including "Last Words" and her upcoming song "gonna do it anyways" were all tracked and produced by Avaya in her home studio.